Review 2 Exercise 2

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Click on the gaps in the text and type in the correct words from the options below.


of a new word | and with writing | of meanings | in your bag. | of the dictionary | of the word. | of the stressed syllable | in a dictionary



Do you have a private teacher … in your bag?

When do you look up a word ? Most people use a dictionary to find the meaning . But a good dictionary is much more than a book . It can help you with listening, with speaking, with reading . It can also help you to develop your vocabulary. It can be a private teacher

A good dictionary can help you with listening and speaking. It shows you the pronunciation It puts special symbols between // marks. Always look closely at the vowel sounds in a new word. Check the sounds with the pronunciation table at the front . It puts lines between each syllable. You can also see the stressed syllable in a long word. Dictionaries usually put a small vertical line in front .