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Click on the gaps in the text and type in the correct sentence fragments from the options below.


on Earth. | an average temperature of | in a 24-hour period | the temperature in the town | per year | it never rains | an average rainfall of | this temperature | On average | on this continent | the lowest ever recorded | the hottest place in the world



Big, bigger, the biggest

In this article, we look at world records for temperature, rainfall and wind.

The hottest
On average, is the city of Dallol in Ethiopia, a country in East Africa. This city has 34.6°C. However, is not the highest ever recorded. The town of Al’Aziziyah in Libya is on the edge of the Sahara Desert and reached 58°C on 13th September 1922.

The coldest
, the coldest place in the world is Plateau in Antarctica. It is not a town, but a research station. It has an average temperature of -56.7°C. However, this temperature is not . The Research Station at Vostok is near the South Pole and the temperature at the station reached -89.2°C on 21st July 1983.

The wettest
On average, the wettest place in the world is the village of Cherrapunji in India. It has 12,649 mm a year. However, this rainfall is not the highest ever recorded. Mount Waialeale is in Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean and the region recorded 1,870 mm from March 15th to 16th, 1952.

The driest
Some websites say that the Atacama Desert in South America is the driest place On average, the region has 1 mm of rain . However, the driest place in the world is Antarctica. There has been no rain for at least two million years. Water in the air freezes and becomes ice so .