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to screen things happy(x2) person in house meals live table me working



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Another Week, Another Opinion

How To Be Happy
This week we ask: How can you live a happy life? We asked our readers to tell us. Perhaps we can learn a thing or two from them!

Someone to Talk to
Many people aren’t happy because they are always looking for something. We spend our lives studying and then . We want money to buy . We think they will make us . But do they really? Do material possessions make us happy? Will driving a new Ferrari make you a better ? Do you really need a TV with a bigger ? We should be happy with food on the , a home to and a family to share it with. I live in a small and I haven’t got a car or a computer. I eat simple and I don’t need luxuries. All I need is people to talk . Am I ? Well, I was yesterday before my girlfriend left .