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How Can I Stay Healthy?

We asked 100 doctors for their tips on staying healthy. Here are the top five tips and some research results with each tip.

1. Don’t smoke
Smoking harms you, your friends and your children. It also makes your clothes smell terrible! , it will probably kill you. Research has shown that smoking harms nearly every part of the body (National Cancer Institute, USA, Apr 2004). It kills 5 million people worldwide every year. (WHO, 2003) If you live with a smoker, . There is a 24% rise in the chance of getting lung cancer. (British Medical Journal, 1997)

2. Don’t eat too many sweets We all need sugar but if you eat lots of sweets, . You will probably get fat, too. Research has shown that , you will probably get a serious illness. Thirty different illnesses are linked to obesity. (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, USA, 1988 – 1994) Another study shows that dark chocolate may prevent cancer and heart disease (Dutch National Institute of Public Health, 1997). But don’t eat too much!

3. Don’t lie in the sun
We need sunlight to make Vitamin D but too much sun is very dangerous. If you sunbathe regularly, In Australia, 1,250 people die every year from skin cancer. Research has shown that skin cancer in Norway rose 350% for men and 440% for women between 1957 and 1984. (Norwegian Cancer Institute) People started to use sun cream in the 1960s and 70s. Professor Moran of the Institute says, “People think that sun cream makes them safe. But it is not true.”

4. Take exercise every day
You don’t have to spend hours in the gym. If you walk for half an hour a day, You will also feel better. Research has shown that half an hour’s exercise makes your heart stronger. (American Heart Association). Research with mice has shown that exercise can also make memory better. Perhaps the results are true for humans, too. “Just one month of exercise changed the brainpower of the mice,” said researcher Fred Gage. (Journal of Neuroscience, 20.09.2005)

5. Go to bed early twice a week
Sleep is boring but it is very important. you will help your body work properly. Research has shown that if you are tired, In the USA, over 1,500 deaths happen on the roads each year because the driver fell asleep at the wheel. (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, USA, 1999)