Unit 10 Exercise 2

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How Can I Stay Healthy?

We 100 doctors for their tips healthy. Here are the top five tips and some research results with each tip.

1. Don’t smoke
Smoking you, your friends and your children. It also makes your clothes terrible! If you smoke a lot, it will probably kill you. Research that …
…smoking harms nearly every part of the body (National Cancer Institute, USA, Apr 2004). It 5 million people worldwide every year. (WHO, 2003) If you with a smoker, you will also smoke. There a 24% rise in the chance lung cancer. (British Medical Journal, 1997)

2. Don’t eat too many sweets
We all need sugar but if you lots of sweets, you will probably get bad teeth. You will probably get fat, too. Research has shown that…
… if you are very fat, you a serious illness. Thirty different illnesses are linked to obesity. (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, USA, 1988 – 1994) Another study shows that dark chocolate cancer and heart disease (Dutch National Institute of Public Health, 1997). But don’t eat too much!