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The Internet

Is it good or bad?
The Internet is now an important part of our lives. But is the Internet a good thing or a bad thing? This week, we look at the good side of the Internet. We consider three areas. Firstly, we look the Internet and research. Secondly, we think the Internet and communication. Finally, we consider the Internet and social life.

Before the Internet, people their own books to do research, or they to a library to them. With reference books, you had to sit in the library. You made notes from the books. You could not the books home. Nowadays, you can sit at home or you can sit in the resource centre at school. You can find information on the Internet.

Before the Internet, you looked subjects in an index. Then you asked the librarian for the book. Nowadays, you just a question or some words into the search box of a website such as Google or Yahoo.

Before the Internet, you could only look at a small number of books for research. Nowadays, sites like Google hundreds of thousands of websites. They often you hundreds of results.