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What is the point of going on?

Do you ever say to yourself: I don’t want to study any more? I’m going to leave school (or university) and get a job. In this article, we look at two good reasons to continue and good qualifications.

In many countries, research that higher education is very important for your future. Firstly, you more money because you have good qualifications (see Figure 1). People with no qualifications good jobs because most managers want qualified people. Well-paid jobs usually better jobs too, because they are more interesting. In addition, unqualified people jobs, but they do not often have a career. Well-qualified people usually a career after university. They start at one level and they get promoted every three or four years. You to make a career plan. Ask yourself: What employment sector am I going to work in? Where would I like to be in two years, five years, ten years?

Secondly, you your job and you unemployed. However, well-qualified people are not that common, so a person with qualifications can usually get another job quickly (see Figure 2). A well-qualified person his or her career with a different company. The message is clear. to higher education, get good qualifications, and you will soon have money for clothes and CDs and an interesting, well-paid job. And don’t forget to a career plan.