Unit 4 Exercise 1

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reasons houses years environment skin adapt shell reasons animals behaviour clothes see reach



Adapting to the environment

How do animals live in different regions of the world? Humans and other living things adapt to their environment. Humans adapt their . They build warm houses or cool . They wear warm clothes or cool . Animals adapt in a different way. Over thousands of , animals adapt their bodies to their . In this article, we look first at animal adaptation in general. Then we see the adaptations of two particular animals – the polar bear and the giraffe. Finally, we consider the effects of climate change. Can animals ?

Animals adapt to survive in an environment. Animals survive for many . Some animals are stronger than other . Some animals are faster. Some animals have better camouflage, so other animals can’t them. Some animals are taller so they can fruit or leaves. Some animals are more protected. For example, the elephant has a thick , and the turtle has a . Better adapted animals live. Adaptation is the key to survival.