Unit 4 Exercise 2

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Adapting to the environment

Polar bears live in a region of ice and snow. have white fur so is difficult to see in their environment. The fur is thick so stay warm. They have big paws. The paws spread weight so they can walk on the snow. Polar bears eat fish so have to be good swimmers. big paws help them swim. They can close their noses under the water.

Giraffes live in a region of grassland and high trees. have brown and yellow skin so it is difficult to see them in their environment. They have long thin legs so stay cool. They have long necks so can eat leaves from the high trees. The trees have thorns, but giraffes have thick lips so they do not get hurt. long necks also help to see lions and leopards in the distance.

Many scientists say that the climate is changing. Can humans and animals adapt to climate change? Humans can adapt because can change their behaviour. can wear thicker clothes or make their houses cooler. Animals can adapt too, but takes thousands of years. Animals cannot change bodies in twenty or fifty years.