Unit 9 Exercise 1

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(Why don’t you turn off the television and get a hobby?)

Television is the most popular recreational activity in every country in the world. Hundreds of millions of people come home from a day at work or school and turn on the TV. But TV is not the option. Some people have a hobby! They come home and enjoy making, collecting or looking after things. This month, Amanda Wells looks at popular hobbies and talks to some hobbyists.

At one time, doing it yourself was normal. People painted rooms, built furniture and repaired their cars. Then people started to earn money. They started to pay professionals to do jobs around the house. After the Second World War, things changed . Most people did not have money, and they did things themselves. In 1955, the first do-it-yourself magazine appeared in Britain, and in the 60s, the first DIY programme appeared on British TV. DIY is very common, but people only do it because they have option. ‘I can’t afford to pay someone. It’s expensive,’ Carol told me. ‘So I do it myself. I don’t like it, though. I make lots of mistakes.’ However, Carol’s husband, Jimmy, enjoys DIY. ‘I find it satisfying,’ he said. ‘It makes me feel good.’