Unit 9 Exercise 2

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(Why don’t you turn off the television and get a hobby?)

Gardening started soon after agriculture. Ancient civilizations in Egypt, Greece and Rome, for example, looked gardens as well as fields of crops. Gardening and agriculture are very similar. You something in the ground and it grows. However, there is a big difference. People crops because it is a necessity, but they grow and look after flowers for pleasure. Rich people in Britain gardens a long time ago, but in the 1800s, ordinary people also started to have a small piece of ground next to their house. Gardening a national hobby. Several magazines in the 1820s. ‘I love gardening because it’s relaxing,’ says Gill, a keen amateur gardener. ‘When I’m in my garden, I don’t think work or problems.’ Nowadays, gardening is one of the most popular hobbies in the world.

The first stamp appeared in Britain in 1840. It the Penny Black, because it was black and it cost one penny. Only twelve years later, the first magazine for stamp collectors appeared. At first, most collectors were children but, soon, adults also started collecting. Stamps around the world. Stamp-collecting spread, too. Nowadays, there are over 200 million stamp collectors worldwide. ‘I stamps because they are beautiful,’ Tom. ‘I also learn a lot about the world. I don’t rare stamps, though. I’m not rich enough.’ These days, a Penny Black for about £2,000.